Pour some coffee

Pour some coffee

Welcome to TIXF.com, my notes about technology, information, experiences and faith. I'll read, write and learn with you here. Grab your coffee and join me.

The idea

I'm sharing current ideas in a simple and reusable 4-point format:

  1. Ideas that I find important and want to explore with you #tixf
  2. Something I've bought and why it matters #commerce
  3. Book or podcast that I found compelling #media
  4. Ambition from "Sunday School." I'll end posts with content that keeps me moving forward with a purpose.

With your coffee and phone in hand, head over to TIXF.com as part of your weekend reading routine. In the meanwhile, if you want to reach out to me let's connect.

Ambition from faith*

I read this quote on my first visit to Bok Tower in the early 2000s.

"Make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it." -Edward Bok

*I've got this drive to improve community that I credit with learning about faith early in life at "school" on Sunday mornings. Faith is the foundation for my ambition.