💡 Working from anywhere

Working from anywhere could be one of the few positive disruptions to how we work as a result of COVID-19. I'm still hammering out the details of my remote work setup. However, I'm committed to getting a comfortable work remote configuration.

I enjoy seeing how others have set up their workspace. My home office is still ephemeral and not worthy of sharing. As a result, the image I'm using in this post is from @dahowlett and used with his permission. I appreciate Den Howlett's clean workspace that is optimized for video calls.

Personal workspace setup is entertaining. Bringing people together is the substantial benefit of work from anywhere. While our work is over an internet connection, we now have an opportunity to live our lives in a community far from our office.

I love to drive through small towns across the South. Except for the occasional find, most small towns in America are struggling. I suspect that the struggle of many small towns is the lack of hope and a lack of diverse ideas. I strongly suspect a lack of vision and new ideas is why the population and economic growth of my hometown is stagnate.

In the post COVID-19 times, a tech-first employee can now return to his or her hometown. His and her return will result in new civic ideas, the possibility of economic expansion from new consumer demand and more interactions with people of different worldviews. These interactions should increase our understanding and concern for each other.

My hope and dream is decentralization of our tech and digital workforce to smooth out geographic economic discrepancies and reduce political polarization that we now experience between large cities and small towns. This new geographic work mobility will make us stronger.

🛒 Something purchased

As we look to meet our needs and help others. I've purchased some home supplies and gifts from a small shop in my wife's hometown. The Mercantile by Copper Dwelling + Design is a thoughtful shop.

☕ Coffee behind the keyboard

I won several hundred dollars worth of Illy coffee from a giveaway back in December. We are down to our last two canisters. After all Italy has endured, drinking Illy feels like I'm helping out a country that suffered much from COVID-19.

The Illy canisters are reusable. My wife organized the craft supplies.
The Illy canisters are reusable. My wife organized the craft and office supplies with them.

🎯Motivation from faith

Two weeks ago I received a postcard from the University of Louisville FCA with this verse:

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you. I always pray with joy because your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now...

Philippians 1:3-4