✅Binance.US in Florida

✅Binance.US in Florida

Binance.US launched in Florida this week. I happen to live in Florida.

While waiting patiently for Binance.US to get their Florida money transfer license, I was using Coinbase to buy and research digital assets. Coinbase is a first-class platform, but their fees to buy and sell are high compared to Binance.US. Competition is good. So, I welcome Binance.US to where I live.

It's not just Binance.US's affordability. I've been a member of the Binance.US Telegram channel for several months. On Telegram, I've observed a passionate and mighty team of Binance.US employees and volunteers. The volunteers are cleverly called Angels. If you drop in on Telegram, you will often find the Binance.US CEO, staff and Angels helping and learning more about their customers.

With low trading fees and an engaged team at the helm, I'm captivated to leverage Binance.US as a customer and to see what the leadership team at Binance.US does next.

Yeah, I have a Binance.US hoodie and looking forward to some cool weather this fall so that I can wear it around Orlando.